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Hey there! You!

Why not join my discord server and play together?

SimDevices created a new discord server few days ago, welcome to anyone! Come on!

Use this link to join the server:

Waiting for you.

Hi, I’m Handle, the designer of SimPad.

In the last days, I received some reports of SimPad Nano stop working. It is manifested as lights stop working and no response when press keys, but the device could be found in Control Panel.

I have recurrenced this issue and this problem will be fixed after I start school in September. As a temporary solution, you could follow these steps to fix your device.

  1. Run control panel and connect to your SimPad Nano
  2. Go Advance Settings
  3. Go send key packs, input “1C 07 35 56 08 6C 00 00” and then send

It should be useful, if not, please replay this article or send me email mail(at)

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey guys, I’m Handle.

I finally finished my friend’s project and I have time now!

The new shop is on testing with password “whaoba”

> Try it now!

If you want to order now, please order by > Shoppy <

PS, I decide to open source about SimPad, fork and pull request now! > GitHub Homepage <



Download Tools & Drivers

You can download the official control panel and drivers for Sim-Devices below. The CP supports all devices, which you can select in the settings of the CP.


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