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About me

Who I am.

Hi, my name is Handle, I am an osu! player. Thanks for checking out my website and products!


What are Sim-Devices?

I first got introduced to custom keyboards at Comicon in the beginning of 2018. You can check out the following article if you want to know more about it (Chinese):

一场由 osu! 引发的 SimPad 设计制销一条龙 | 手柄君的小阁

That said, SimPad was born and the Family Sim-Devices was made.

The goal of Sim-Devices

My goal

Sim-Devices are custom made keyboards for decent rythm game players on pc, which are sold fairly cheap, at an affordable price. The product’s name was inspired by the word “simple”, shortly “Sim” to express the simplicity of the devices. Sim-Devices concentrate to bring you the best performance, thats why I have designed them to stay at low cost without undermining the performance and quality of the devices. I will never cut the expenses in favour of lower performance, instead I will rather invest heavily in selecting customized parts to ensure uncompromised user experience.

My profits

Both, the software and hardware of all products of Sim-Devices is manufactured by a third party,but designed and assembled by me. The favorable after-sales policy and stringent quality test leaves me with almost zero profit. Thanks to the generouse tax policies in China though, I managed to sell the products at competitive prices. Mass production would significantly lower the costs but it requires larger client size. I did try out mass production for couple devices to lower the costs, but keep the same user experience. Mass production still is very risky for me, which can’t be avoided until the products gain popularity.

Thats why I need your help. I would justify your choice with reliable devices and premium service.

“Made in China” is no longer a synonym for poor quality. I am working constantly to optimize the devices and hope that rythm game players everywhere around the globe can witness the charm of “Made In China” products.

Comments from buyers

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