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New online store is coming soon!

Hey ladies and gentlemen. There is a new online store is coming soon!

Hmm, first, I have to say sorry to xCoo!zzXD. I found that he bought a simpad nano from lazada, and the keypad gone broken. All of SimPad is made by my workshop. So it must be my problem. You could ask me for renew. Just E-mail me.

But why I want to talk about lazada? There is an interesting thing that I could find lots of sellers sell SimPad online such as AliExpress, Lazada etc. Some of them could provide not bad service, but some not.

s Comment

Just like xCoo!zzXD’s Comment, he met a terrible seller. When there is a trouble, he have never gotten the seller, than he refunded the product. This could have ended in another way.

Not only the service, but also price. The broken device cost xCoo!zzXD 95 RM, nearly same as 22 USD with out shipment. But on my official store, it must be cheaper.

Better service, better price, why choose uneven sellers?

I’m configuring this store these days. When it is ready, you must attend.

At 3:28 04/17/2020 (UTC+8)